Thursday, January 31, 2008


Two of my new year's resolutions are to update this blog more frequently and do more sewing (ironically, since I opened the fabric store, I've had less time for sewing than ever!) So, here are a couple of mini-projects I whipped up last year.

Some door stops and door snake made from Echino fabrics. Very easy stuff...four triangles, a square, a loopy thing, and copious quantities of small garden stones.

Crayons + white walls + a one year old = disaster! So, I recruited the Russion ladies to guard the walls. MDF covered in calico with a strip of Matryoshka Dolls fabric at the top. Very easy.


Belinda said...

Great idea to protect your walls and love the door stops. I never tire of seeing echino made up. Such fabulous prints!

Florence said...

I love this desk area - utterly wonderful!

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