Thursday, February 14, 2008

Duckcloth web site and email down

Have we dropped off the face of the earth? No.
Been sipping pina coladas on Hamilton Island? Nope.
Skiing in Aspen? No again.
It certainly seems that way, but no, we're still here! The Duckcloth web site and all Duckcloth email addresses have been down since Thursday afternoon last week. Our web hosting provider had a hardware failure that affected many other businesses as well as us. They're working around the clock to fix it (well that's their story anyway). I apologise profusely to all those who have been trying to access the web site or send emails. It's been an extremely frustrating week! I'm finding the red wine is helping though!
Phone orders are welcome (03 8503 7615). Otherwise, we'll be back up and running anytime between this afternoon and the weekend. Thanks for your patience!

1 comment:

Ju said...

Great to here that you will be back soon !!! I will wait until Monday Lisa, as am wanting to place an order from NZ. Email soon ;)

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