Sunday, September 14, 2008

New! Anna Maria Horner Drawing Room Fabric

We've had heaps of new fabrics delivered recently and I'm in the process of loading them into the store. Already up and available are some gorgeous colourful home decorating prints from Anna Maria Horner's Drawing Room collection. Some of my favourites from this collection are:

Also new is a cute and quirkly little range called Park Slope by Erin McMorris. This range is perfect for clothing, and would be especially nice in some crisp little summer outfits for a little (or big) girl.

I particularly love the pebbles print and the tiny birds print.

Stay tuned for more new fabric soon!


seesaw designs said...

love these prints!

york said...

This is perfect because 'd like my girlfriend wearing some of those designs in order she getting other face, I mean because she's a little bit unfashionable because if she doesn't I'd have to take my generic viagra to see her pretty.

lp said...

I love that dress! Can someone please make that for me? :) Looking forward to checking out your blog and store!

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