Friday, February 6, 2009

New Year, New Fabikk

Well, I've finally caught up after taking 3 weeks break over Christmas. I know, I know, it's February already!

We have more new fabirc in the store. My 2 year old daughter peers into the boxes, and says "More fabikk Mum". Yes, indeed, more fabikk!

Here are some of my favourites:

Baby Paisley from
Prints Charming's new Paisley Garden collection:

Migratory birds from the new Echino collection:

Urban floral which comes in 4 colours (gorgeous medium weight cotton fabric from Japan):

Swirls and spots which comes in 3 colours:

Gorgeous 100% linen fabric in home decorating weight (comes in 4 colours):

And, my absolute favourite, this whimsical girl and flower print on linen:

To see what else is new, click here.


Barbara Brown said...

the girl is my favorite also.
barbara brown

Handmade said...

WOW - with so many yummy fabrics around, why do the standard craft / patchwork / sewing mags still feature the most dead dull and boring stuff that we've seen for the past hundred years???

Leonie and Monique said...

Hi. What beautiful fabric! I have just opened my own store, selling lots of handmade pieces, and have been racking my brains (and wearing out my shoes!) trying to find some interesting fabric. So glad to have found you!


Margaret said...

The girl on flower print is gorgeous! I must have some as soon as I get some more cash in from my etsy shop!

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