Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Curtain Fabric - Ty Pennington Impressions

Ty Pennington Curtain fabric

Ty Pennington Curtain Fabric

So, who is the handsome man? And, what does he have to do with fabric?

Ahhh, well let me tell you...

Ty Pennington hosts loads of home renovation and DIY television shows in North America and the UK. He also designs furniture and home products for Sears and Howard Miller Furnishings. And in his spare time, he whips up a couple of fabric collections under the Ty Pennington Impressions label.

The fabrics we are stocking is the home decorating one (the other range is a lighter weight quilting collection). It's  printed on 138cm wide curtain fabric. I really love this collection. Many of the home decorating fabric designs that come out of the US don't really suit the Australian colour palette, lifestye or general aesthetic. But this one does. It's really relaxed and contemporary and includes neutral colours at it's core, peppered with punchy spice and cool ice.

Ty Pennington Bamboo Stripe SpiceTy Pennington Kimono Taupe

See the full fabric collection - Ty Pennington Impressions.

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