Monday, May 16, 2011

Denim Fabric

We've just introduced a new range of basic denim fabrics to our online fabric store. These a really nice fashion quality denims that we'll continue to restock. There are four new fabrics in the range:


Denim fabric
Denim fabric 140gsm


Denim blue 140gsm - this is a beautiful soft, very light weight denim suitable for clothing, especially children's clothing.


Denim fabric
Denim Blue 260gsm


Denim Blue 260gsm - This is a fairly standard jeans-weight denim in a darkish blue. It's suitable for structured clothing of all sorts.


Denim fabric
Denim Blue 320gsm


Denim Blue 320gsm - This is a heavier weight blue denim suitable for cushions and upholstery projects (or very structured clothing).


Denim fabric
Denim Charcoal 340gsm


Denim Charcoal 340gsm - This is a nice darkish charcoal coloured heavy weight denim. It's suitable for cushions and upholstery.

All of these denim fabrics will fade with washing and wearing. They may also appear slightly darker online than they actually are (the 140gsm denim is is the lightest in colour). We're happy to send customers swatches of these. Just request them via our Swatch request form.

I was recently flicking through my copy of the Prints Charming book above (which I absolutely love) and I found this inspiring little footstool upholstered in denim, very cleverly screen printed on the reverse side and embellished with embroidery. Love it! A beautiful example of what you can do with classic denim.

Denim fabric project


make it perfect said...

beautiful lisa! i'm about to release a boy pattern that will suit these denims perfectly!!

Lisa said...

Brilliant! Will look out for it Toni.

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