Monday, August 18, 2008

Shameless Self Promotion

Nothing like a bit of shameless self-promotion! The current issue of Australian Notebook magazine has a beautiful story on Fabric Craft using Duckcloth fabrics. Notebook also has a shiny new web site here.

Floor Cushions

Very nice floor cushions in the current edition of Australian InsideOut magazine. Second from the top is The Cut Cloth in Pod Stone fabric. Very bottom right is Shibori in Hokey Rust.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Weblog Awards

The gorgeous Ninaribena from Canberra's Got Style nominated me for this blog award:

Thanks Ninaribena!

A little white ago Clara of the Mimi Kittini blog nominated me for the Arte y pico award.

If you read Spanish, you can read about it here. Thanks Clara and my apologies for taking this long to respond!

So, I'm going to combine both (possibly against the rules, but intended in the very best spirit). The deal is you:

  • put the award logo on your blog

  • link to the person you received your award from

  • nominate at least 7 other blogs

  • put links to those blogs on yours

  • leave a message on the blogs of the people you have nominated.

Here goes...I'd like to nominate:

  • Nikkishell of Mixtape fame

  • Tiel from TskTsk - artist/illustrator extraordinaire

  • Belinda from Tuttifruiti - designer, sewer and maker of the world's most beautiful cushions

  • Pip from Meet Me at Mikes - the woman with her finger on the pulse

  • Jhoanna from One Red Robin - designer of the most gorgeous softies

  • Di from The Cut Cloth - fabric designer with the most immaculately sewn projects

  • Toni from Make It Perfect - pattern designer, seamstress and chef

Friday, August 8, 2008

New Echino Fabric

The current Echino colleciton is still dribbling in. We've added a few more of these fabrics here. I wore this skirt to a trade show recently, and I had about 10 different people ask me where I got it from. It was amazing!

This range is a good all-round fabric which can be used for so many different things, big or small...

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